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Zakk Wylde Black Label Society 2004

Miscellanies And Minor Thoughts

Another change in the comment system has been made.  You can now comment using your WordPress, Twitter, Facebook, or Google+ account if you have one.  If you have made a comment before on this website using the email address attached to one of these accounts,

Nice Ass

One Trait That Can Save A Man

A few of us who write here regularly (or at least semi regularly) were talking about men, and how their little imperfections can be so easily overlooked if they have at least one other trait that really stands out.  Our thoughts on this varied, but

Slow Mo Tattoo

Friday Night Roadkill: SlowMo Tattooing

Betty is slowly recovering.  She’s not fully back to normal yet, but she was able to hop up onto the couch (covered with a blanket) this morning, whereas for the last 2 days she was hardly moving.  Her tail is wagging, she has stopped vomiting,


When All Else Fails, Drink Beer

I’ve been plagued with bad luck over the last couple of days. In particular yesterday was filled with one annoyance after another.  I suppose I should be in a bad mood. I woke yesterday to discover that RoQ had been down since about 1:30 am. 


Another Crash

RoQ was down again from about 1:30 am until about 5 am this morning.  I have removed the plugin that was more than likely (hopefully) causing it. Many comments were lost from yesterday.  Robin and I were having fun in the “You’ve Got Us All

Zucchini Nut Bread

Sunday Recipe: Whatever Fruit Nut Bread

This recipe can be used with almost any kind of fruit.  If you don’t like nuts, they can be easily omitted.  If you are going to use them, make sure you chop them finely, or run them through a food processor.  You don’t want to