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QueenA’s Vacay Update

Just stopping in quickly to let you all know I’ve been having a wonderful time on my vacation that is only supposed to last a month, but that I wish could last a lifetime.  I’m not doing anything really exciting aside from camping, fishing, a

Hands giving

The Bible: Prayer And Doing Good Deeds

By Guest Contributor Mandolyn The humble worshiper and giver is revered in the Christian bible.  The chapter and verses which speak most clearly about this are: Matthew Chapter 6:1-5 1 Take heed that ye do not your alms before men, to be seen of them:


How To Make Sweet Pickles

If you love to garden like I and a couple of other writers here do, you more than likely grow cucumbers.  They are easy to grow, and with only planting a few mounds of them, you will have more cucumbers than you and your family

Lady Game 102

Lady Game 102: Weeding Out Low Quality Men

By Guest Contributor Amanda In Lady Game 101 r/K mate selection was discussed.  I would first like to quote a few things from that article to set up the next steps a woman needs to take to find the right man. The most important thing

Rick Doucette

So You Want To Be With A Bad Boy?

If you do, here is a story about what happened when a woman chose the wrong “baby daddy”, who although may have fit the description of a “bad boy” type, he turned out to be a murdering rapist. A Dayton man will spend 36 years

PUA vs Charity

The Difference Between Game And High Heels

In response to a comment posted here, I felt it necessary to address it in long form rather than, “OMG your comment is so wrong in so many ways.”  A visitor to RoQ continues to support “game” and by doing so continues to support the