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Attention Whore

Naked Digitals: Why Would You?

I’ve been thinking about all the hysteria and outrage over famous people having their naked photos shared to the public without their permission.  At first I thought to myself, “Who are the creeps who stole the photos and shared them, and why would they do

Trigger Warnng: Logic

Why SJWs Are Afraid Of The #Gamergate Spotlight

Buckle up, buttercups. What are social justice warrior princesses upset about? Everything, it seems. Recent fem-centric events taken together show a pattern of inconsistent hypocrisy. To lead in with a few examples… …It’s like watching a Jekyll and Hyde transformation montage on a loop. Taken

Crazy Man

Tell Tale Signs A Man Is Broken

It has recently been said that if a woman has tattoos or piercings, she is broken, or damaged.  The amount of outrage over this conversation is comical, and it proves the points being made by the men who are writing about it.  Normal, well adjusted,

Apologia Pro Literati Vita

A Jewel Among Pyrite

I remember talking to someone a few years ago about music. We discussed the various new bands and the music they were putting out. We both agreed that it had been a long time since we had listened to something that was so good it