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You’ve Got Us All Wrong!

From the beginning, RoQ has treated feminists very harshly, and with a fair amount of condescension and disrespect.  Is this fair?  Seeing as how we’ve expected everyone to act like ladies and gentlemen, yet we have not ourselves in many cases, this isn’t fair.  So


Mailbag: Positive Feedback

I get all kinds of emails generated from the RoQ website.  Some of it is pretty juvenile.  Most of it is positive though.  Here is a letter from a reader in the UK.  It makes the other writers and myself happy to read things such

Medical ymbol

3 Symptoms You Shouldn’t Ignore

From time to time people experience strange symptoms that although aren’t debilitating, may indicate a deeper medical problem.  In some cases these symptoms are benign, but if they persist, you should seek medical attention. Salty taste in mouth that is persistent: Have you ever experienced


A Few Changes

Just a quick note to let everyone know there have been or will be a few changes to the site.  They are, or will be as follows: QueenA is going away.  I will be changing my moniker reflecting my preferred name (Ann Szewczyk).  As I’ve


When Is Corporal Punishment Too Much?

Adrian Peterson beat his 4 year old son with a switch that left marks.  Its been said that he knew he had injured the boy’s testicles while doing it saying: “Got him in nuts once I noticed. But I felt so bad, n I’m all



I’ve been migrating the server and in the process the site went down for a long period of time.  It’s now up, but without images. I can’t get the uploads to load to the site, and that has been the problem.  I almost had it