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Pumpkin Pie

Pumpkin or Sweet Potato Pie Recipe

Everyone is getting ready for Thanksgiving, so here is a super easy recipe that works well for either Pumpkin or Sweet Potato Pie.  In fact just yesterday I made this recipe with sweet potatoes, but didn’t have enough of them.  I had 2 small butternut


##LAST DAY TO VOTE: RoQ And Other News

LAST DAY TO VOTE!! I’ve been a little under the weather lately so my online time has been limited.  But I’ve been receiving some feedback about comments, and that it’s wrong for me to not allow men to commiserate with the women here.  You all

Ban Feminism

Why Can’t We Just Ban Feminism?

Time magazine recently ran a poll asking which words or phrases prevalent in 2014 should be banned in 2015. Some of the words I’d never seen or heard, but several of them I agreed need to go away, if words can truly be banned in


Male Privilege In Pictures

The following is a photo representation of how males in society are privileged.  Notice the way they blatantly oppress others with their higher than mighty disposition as they go about their day.  Young, old, White, Latino, Black, Asian, Indian, and others are the most despicable