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Love vs hate

Dear Haters

Dear Haters, I would hate to live in your world. A world where every black person is a lowlife thug, a worthless taker, or a sub par human doesn’t seem like any place I’d want to live.  Black people aren’t going away.  Sure they have

Lonely Man

What Happens When The Well Runs Dry?

They’ve played it well.  They’ve had their fun.  Women after woman, in bed after bed;  its all been a game for many a modern man.  As they grow older, and they’ve hit their wall, what will they do when their well runs dry? Its been

PUA's vs TheWorld

10 Reasons Not To Date A PUA

Before any of you ladies read the rest of this, read the following two articles written by yours truly: PUA’s Are Damaged No Matter The Length Of Their Hair Pick Up Artists vs Manospherians Those two articles are must reads for any women who may

The Bible

The Bible: Hits And Misses

By Guest Contributor Mandolyn The bible is filled with beauty, history, love, sex, and many valuable lessons.  If viewed with a cynical eye it can seem almost cult like and frightening.  It has also been misquoted or incorrectly attributed in many cases. On this Sunday

Rachel Brice Belly Dance

Happy National Dance Day

I don’t care who you are or how you are feeling, dance will always lift your spirit.  Either by dancing yourself, or watching others dance, its a cleansing experience.  A thing of beauty. Launched in 2010 by “So You Think You Can Dance” co-creator and

Shut Your Mouth

Qualified Reservations

By Guest Contributor Amanda No, this has nothing to do with Mencius Moldbug or his magnificent meanderings.  I’ve been reading this site and others for a long time, and there is one thing that I’ve noticed here and elsewhere that sort of pisses me off.

Woman breastfeeding cat.

Friday Night Roadkill: Women Breastfeeding Animals

There are many crazy things in the world.  This one is high up on the list of things that you don’t want to see but can’t look away.  Roadkill.  It doesn’t look quite as disturbing when women in third world countries do it.  But western

Don't Stand With Israel

Vote For The Guy Who Isn’t A Friend Of Israel

We can hear the hue and cry now!  RoQ’ers are anti-semites!  QueenA is a racist!  No we are not, and neither are you just for stating the obvious.  In 2016 Americans will have to make a very important decision.  Best we not mince words now.

Tracy Van Slyke

Modern Moms And How They Ruin Their Kids

I had the unfortunate circumstance of clicking on something that once again has confirmed my belief that modern women are a scourge upon the earth.  Specifically modern moms.  Good moms are few and far between.  They’ve been replaced with self centered, hate filled, maladapted mean